At 3BIO, we are more than just a participant; we are an active research partner, leading the way in numerous research projects. We dive deep into the intricacies of biotechnology, focusing our expertise on legal and regulatory aspects, valorisation, and sustainability. Discover why 3BIO is a trusted partner in the global research landscape, committed to making a difference in the world through rigorous and innovative biotech research.
"Research isn't just a part of what we do, it's at the heart of everything we do. It fuels our ability to understand, innovate, and deliver exceptional results for our stakeholders."
Thomas VanagtCo-founder and CEO of 3BIO


The HOTBIO consortium will train a new generation of scientists in transforming marine microbial natural products from deep-sea discoveries to medical applications. Involving 13 PhD students hosted by 11 European beneficiaries, the program covers all stages of the drug development pipeline – from microbial isolation and compound purification to creating drug-like analogues. The training includes skills in access and benefit-sharing, intellectual property, and entrepreneurship, preparing graduates for the competitive labour market with multidisciplinary experience in academic and industrial settings, supported by mentorship from industry experts and MSCA ITN MarPipe alumnae.

Within the HOTBIO project, 3BIO bridges the gap between lab discoveries and societal applications and training of two Early-Stage Researchers, focusing on the practical aspects of marine natural products, including their landscaping and licensing. Additionally, 3BIO hosts ESR secondments, offering these researchers valuable experiences and insights into relevant legal frameworks such as biosafety, IPR and ABS and about entrepreneurship, business and negotiations, thereby enriching their professional development and the overall impact of the HOTBIO project.


The SEAWEEDforBangladesh project, backed by the Dutch Embassy in Dhaka and led by 3BIO, represents a significant step in harnessing the Bay of Bengal's rich seaweed diversity for Bangladesh's emerging blue biotechnology sector. With over 220 native seaweed species in Bangladesh, 3BIO's marine genetic resources scoping study has paved the way for sustainable seaweed cultivation, simultaneously boosting environmental health and bolstering coastal resilience. The project also explored seaweed's versatile applications across industries like animal feed, cosmetics, and bioremediation, propelling Bangladesh towards a sustainable blue economy and setting a precedent in marine genetic resource utilization.

In the second phase of the project, 3BIO will support local industry in farming red seaweed and in processing these red seaweeds into agar agar, an important food ingredient for the Muslim population of Bangladesh.

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