Stewardship in plant biotech

Plant Breeding Innovations Management / PBI MP
Discoveries in life sciences continue to revolutionize the plant breeding toolbox. Gene and genome editing are just some of the examples of new breeding techniques (new genomic techniques) being largely implemented. At the same time, new challenges emerge for assuring product identity and purity, in combination with a rapid developing regulatory landscape.

The Plant Breeding Innovation Management Program (PBI MP), led by industry leaders and the Global Stewardship Group, is a global, voluntary initiative promoting quality management, best practices, transparency, and flexibility. Even organizations that don't participate in the PBI MP, can draw inspiration from its comprehensive strategy to maintain standards of excellence and integrity.


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Premarket Regulatory Analysis

To prevent trade disruptions, developers must conduct a Premarket Regulatory Analysis. Drawing on over 30 years of regulatory expertise, we evaluate regulations and processes in pertinent countries for your PBI product, considering their applicability and effectiveness. We simplify complex legal terms, comprehending the nuances of your technology and its impact on regulatory requirements. Our comprehensive report serves as a crucial element in your due diligence process.

PBI MP Verification

Participants in the PBI MP pledge to undergo independent verification to ensure the effective implementation of management programs and quality management systems aligned with the program's objectives. These verifications are conducted by independent verifiers. Patrick Rüdelsheim and Nicolas De Schrijver are certified auditors, drawing on their extensive experience in stewardship programs, early involvement in PBI MP training, and over 25 years of expertise in the agricultural biotechnology sector. Their insights and qualifications contribute to the rigorous assessment process, ensuring the integrity and credibility of program implementation.

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