ABS portal & wizard

Our ABS Portal provides an extensive knowledge base of national access and benefit sharing (ABS) laws. Our ABS Wizard is a powerful tool that simplifies the legal analysis of ABS obligations, taking into account both source country and the type of utilization.

ABS portal

Our ABS Portal provides an extensive resource of national legal requirements related to Access and Benefit Sharing (ABS). This comprehensive database allows you to easily access ABS laws in both the original language and English, with clear summaries outlining temporal and material scope as well as permitting procedures.
Take advantage of this reliable source of ABS information today.

ABS wizard

Our ABS Wizard provides a speedy and efficient way to assess legal issues related to ABS obligations. It eliminates the need for consulting lawyers in majority of cases, saving you time and money. With its automated case-specific legal analysis based on source country and type of use, the ABS Wizard is a reliable solution for quick and accurate results.

Pick a plan that fits your needs

All the basics for ABS compliance
  • 1 superadmin
  • 250 assessments
  • training video
Ideal for a large R&D site
  • 9 users
  • 1 superadmin
  • 1000 assessments
  • 20h of consulting
  • training video
  • 2h of training
When managing several R&D sites
  • 23 users
  • 2 superadmins
  • 2000 assessments
  • 20h of consulting
  • 4h of training
  • training video
  • bespoke adaptations
Unlimited access to the portal and wizard
  • unlimited users
  • unlimited superadmins
  • unlimited assessments
  • 40h of consulting
  • 16h of training
  • training video
  • bespoke adaptations